Weight Loss using Hypnotherapy


One of the most frequent reasons people visit a hypnotherapist is to lose weight.   This is hardly surprising given as we are constantly bombarded with images of models and celebrities who manage to look thin even after giving birth!

Despite media bombardment though, there are usually some personal reasons for weight problems, such as:

  • Comfort eating (out of stress, boredom, unhappiness, guilt, etc) which leads to…

Eating big portions or leftovers
Eating excessive sweet or savoury foods

  • You were taught to finish off what’s on the plate… “children are starving in Africa you know”
  • You have an addiction to a particular food or taste
  • Depression
  • Lack of exercise


Whatever influences you personally, you will find that hypnotherapy has a powerful effect on your appetite, cravings, stress and motivation levels.

So, call me today to arrange your first appointment.  Make that first step towards the new slimmer you!