Quit Smoking / Other Habits


The New Scientist conducted a large scale study comparing all of the well known methods of quitting smoking.

Hypnotherapy was shown to be, by a long way, the most effective way of quitting.

This, and a vast amount of other research, confirms the success rates of hypnotherapy.

You have, for example, a five to fifteen times BETTER chance of freeing yourself from smoking using hypnotherapy than with willpower alone.

And, as you know, the benefits of becoming a non-smoker are massive:

Imagine your life as a non-smoker:

• Richer!     …. at 20 a day you would save around £45 a week, or £2,340 a year!

• Healthier!   …  a longer lasting and more healthier life – all those nasty toxins removed.

• Looking better!  …  whiter teeth and fresher looking skin.

• Smelling good!  …  no more smoky ashtray breath.

• Feeling better! …  enjoying your newfound freedom and energy.


Estimates suggest that around 70% of smokers want to quit the habit.  If this is you, contact me today!

Success is often achieved in 2 sessions …  a couple of hours of your life!

Examples of other habits include OCD, stammering, stuttering, nail biting and bruxism.