Phobias restrict your life to varying degrees, some more than others.

Examples of common phobias are agoraphobia, claustrophobia, social phobia, specific animal phobias such as snakes or sharks and miscellaneous phobias such as a fear of heights etc.

These are all treatable with hypnosis.

The less common phobias, such as anablephobia – a fear of looking up – are just as treatable using hypnosis.

Phobias tend to either be learnt from, for example, someone in the family or they may be as a result of a traumatic experience, usually occurring at a young age.   94% of phobias are prevalent since childhood.

Set yourself free from your phobia today!

50% of the population are affected by phobias, 4% of them severely.

If you are suffering with a phobia you will have an abnormal fear brought on by a situation or a particular object where the fear is beyond your voluntary control, where fear may lead you to avoid certain situations and your level of fear is excessive to the demands of a situation.