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Featuring IBS…

Approximately 15% to 20% of the population suffer with IBS with only 25% of patients seeking professional help.   Symptoms include abdominal distress or pain, bloating, nausea, variations in bowel movement and urgency to open the bowels.  The condition can be mild, moderate or severe and may come and go rather than be present at all times.

IBS has intimate links with depression and anxiety in that these feelings can either cause IBS symptoms or that a patient living with IBS symptoms may then suffer with depression or anxiety.

Hypnotherapy is a recommended approach to the treatment of IBS and patients respond rapidly.  The past 20 years has seen a rise in research which supports its’ rise in popularity.

Before working with hypnotherapy, however, it is very important that your doctor has diagnosed your condition as IBS.

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Hypnotherapy can be useful for a widespread number of medical conditions.  It is particularly beneficial in cases of IBS, skin conditions, asthma and tinnitus.  Other uses include, for instance, the management of nausea during chemotherapy.