Depression is on the increase. Feelings of fear, helplessness, hopelessness and worthlessness are common when you are depressed. Women may feel trapped at home, be struggling with the menopause, have gained weight or be dealing with any number of problems which have led them into depression. Men may have work issues or family problems and typically the elderly may feel isolated or be living with an illness and/or pain.

I blend a combination of Hypnosis with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy here which is geared to the individual and draws upon both the conscious and unconscious mind. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT works on the premise that the way you think affects the way you feel and therefore act and so it follows that if you are thinking in more healthy ways you can live more happily and productively. Hypnosis works with the unconscious mind, in a state of hypnosis our minds become more sensitive to positive suggestions. The combination of both of these therapies creates a two pronged approach in dealing with Depression.


The number of sessions required varies between people and sessions are paced to suit you as an individual. I offer either ad-hoc appointments, a block of six or block of ten sessions – dependant on your needs.

Ad hoc sessions are at £50 each, Block of 6 at £275 or Block of 10 at £450

Call or email me if you would like to work with me.